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What to take when you go backpacking around the world

February 17, 2014


I have read many (many) keyword rich, affiliate linked blog posts about what you should pack when you are planning a backpacking trip around the world, and they are all, quite frankly, terrible. Most of them seem to have been written with the express purpose of driving visitors to the website rather than giving good, […]

9 essential travel items for lovers of food

October 6, 2013


I would add Moon Pies to the list. It is impossible to get them anywhere else except the USA!

Some travelers are so arrogant…

October 5, 2013


I came across this blog today and thought I would share it. This guy obviously did not enjoy his travels to the maximum. He’ll be the one crying when he gets his money and passport stolen while traveling because he didn’t have a money belt!

A useful packing tip for backpacking around the world

October 4, 2013


This guy is taking travel to the extreme! Hardcore traveling, right there. I have to agree with him, it is a totally crazy concept! I don’t think I could ever travel in such an extreme way. Aaron, I salute you!