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Top 10 bizarre festivals around the world part 2

February 19, 2014


Top 10 bizarre festivals around the world part 1 here! 6. Wife Carrying Championships, Finland I’ve had to do this a few times on the way home from the bar with Caitlin, and it’s not easy. 7. Toe Wrestling, England The English have some of the worst feet in the world (I know this because […]

Top 10 Valentine’s Day Retreats

February 11, 2014


National Geographic have an article today listing what are (in their opinion) the top ten Valentine’s Day retreats. Here is my take on the list: 1.┬áPost Ranch Inn, Big Sur, California Straight in at number 1, the USA! I went to California once. I didn’t get to see any of the coast, or anywhere outside […]

The most amazing hotels in the world

February 5, 2014


Some of these hotels look very nice, but I’m not convinced I would like to stay in any of them. Not only would they be outrageously expensive, but some of them look to be a little difficut to get to. Plus, who really wants to sleep in a big glass bubble? Really? When I travel […]